How do I uninstall or disable the RGraph.InstallCanvasClickListener function?

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Posted by Henry on 28th March 2013
Using RGraph2_2013-03-17-beta on Chrome and Firefox.

I have a line graph that has 16000+ lines that needs to be drawn. It gets really laggy/slow if I add tooltip to the graph when I scroll up and down the page.

If I remove the line ".Set('chart.tooltips', $m_tooltips)" from the graph, it still is laggy.

If I removed the RGraph.common.dynamic.js and RGraph.common.tooltips.js from the HTML, the page is now really responsive when scrolling up and down.
Posted by RGraph support on 28th March 2013
Hi there,

That's not surprising. Whenever you move the mouse it's looping through all the points on those 16,000 lines.

Richard, RGraph Support

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