How can I show the values on the chart?

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Posted by David on 14th July 2015
I have a 7 points line curve.
Is there a way to display each value of the line within the graph, above each point?
I did not find any clue to do that with RGraph.
Posted by Richard on 14th July 2015

Have a look at labels.above - that might do what you want. I could add more text customisation to it if needed.
Posted by Richard Heyes on 17th July 2015
Hi there,

And I've just added the following options which are in the beta:

     labels.above.color, default = same as text.color
     labels.above.background, default = white
     labels.above.font, default = same as text.font
     labels.above.border, default = true
     labels.above.offsety, default = 5
     labels.above.units.pre, default = '', default = ''


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