Is it possible to draw the VProgress title below the chart?

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Posted by Malaise on 29th April 2017
some items titles are below (Odometer) ans some are above (VProgress)...
Is it possible to specify that a Vprogess title is below the image?
Posted by Richard on 29th April 2017
Hi there,

You can yes. The way to do it is not to use the VProgress title property but instead use the drawing API text object.

     var x = vprogress.canvas.width / 2;
     var y = vprogress.canvas.height - vprogress.get('gutterBottom') + 5;

     var text = new RGraph.Drawing.Text({
         id: 'cvs',
         x: x,
         y: y,
         text: 'An example of a custom title',
         options: {
             valign: 'top',
             halign: 'center',
             size: 14


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