Can I have the Y axis in the center of the Scatter chart?

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Posted by Paul on 26th September 2013
Hello again, impressed with RGraph and finding it really useful. However, I have a question:

I need to plot a scatter graph with an X range from -100 to 100. I would like the Y axis to therefore be positioned in the centre of the graph (i.e. where X = 0), but can't seem to find a way to do this. Is it possible? There only seem to options to position the Y axis on the left or right of the graph. Is there a way around this?

Thanks and all the best,
Posted by RGraph support on 27th September 2013
Hi there,

You never used to be able todo that - and RGraph still doesn't 'oficially' have an option for it. But here's a quick example that I came up with using the (relatively) new XAxis drawing API object:

Richard, RGraph Support
Posted by Enter your name... on 29th September 2013
Many thanks for that Richard, much appreciated. Do you have any plans to add the functionality directly to the core graphs by any chance? Kind regards, Paul
Posted by RGraph support on 30th September 2013
Hi there,

Not to add it to the core library no - but now that I'v made that I've got my mind set on adding a couple of demos so that it's easier for people to get it up and running. One like the demo I showed you and one with the X axis in the center.

Richard, RGraph Support

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