RGraph is a JavaScript charts library based on HTML5 SVG and canvas. RGraph is mature (over 15 years old) and has a wealth of features making it an ideal choice to show charts on your website.

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Get the latest version of RGraph (version 6.17) from the download page. There's also older versions available, minified files and links to cdnjs.com hosted libraries.

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RGraph can be used for free under the GPL or if that doesn't suit your situation there's an inexpensive (£99) commercial license available.

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How do I change the labels and colors of a 3D Pie chart?

Posted by Shahad at 12:49 on Wednesday 19th May 2021 [link]

I want to be able to change the color of the pie and to make the lines of the slices visible and the data label of each slice, how can i do them? in qlik sense i can only edit the color of the selected slice i want to change the color of the pie it self.


Posted by Richard at 15:46 on Wednesday 19th May 2021 [link]
I've made you a demo here that has buttons that change the colors and the labels. In essence, you just set the new data on the chart and then call the RGraph.redraw() method.

There's also a button that changes the data.



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