The demos documentation needs improving

Posted by Abe at 15:29 on Thursday 28th October 2021 [link]
It would be great if the demos could have a stand alone page with nothing but the code used to demonstrate the chart, including the version of the code, etc. The current demo pages have a lot of noise that make it difficult to simply pull out the required code (and to see it responsively)

Posted by Richard at 18:05 on Thursday 28th October 2021 [link]
Which demos are you referring to? The ones that are shown on this page:

All the code that you need is in the three code blocks - the <script> tags, the <canvas> tag and the JavaScript code.

Posted by Richard at 17:08 on Saturday 30th October 2021 [link]
OK, now each of the demo pages has a link to a cutdown version of the demo with nothing but the chart on it.

For example, try this demo:

You'll need to view the source if you want the source-code and HTML - but it's not complicated.

Posted by Michael at 14:00 on Wednesday 10th November 2021 [link]
Well, its actually no documentation, just examples. This requires a lot of try and error to find out about the effect of each paramter..

Posted by Richard at 15:12 on Wednesday 10th November 2021 [link]
Then consult the API documentation.

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