Is it possible to get the old-style label sticks back on the Pie chart?

Posted by Fernando at 15:56 on Thursday 4th August 2022 [link]
After I updated the Graph I noticed that the stick changed, my question is : Is possible to get the old stick?

link img (I couldn't upload using the forum):

Posted by Richard at 16:10 on Thursday 4th August 2022 [link]
I was worried for a second there that I'd removed it in favor of the updated list-style - but no - the list style labels just need turning off:

pie = new RGraph.Pie({
    id: 'cvs',
    data: [4,3,5],
    options: {
        shadow: false,
        radius: 100,
        labels: ['Rod','Jane','Freddy'],

        labelsList: false,

        labelsSticks: true,
        labelsSticksLength: 20

Posted by Fernando at 17:13 on Thursday 4th August 2022 [link]
Thank you so much!

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