RGraph is a JavaScript charts library based on HTML5 SVG and canvas. RGraph is mature (over 15 years old) and has a wealth of features making it an ideal choice to use for showing charts on your website.

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Get the latest version of RGraph (version 6.18, 1st June 2024) from the download page. You can read the changelog here. There's also older versions available, minified files and links to cdnjs.com hosted libraries.

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RGraph can be used for free under the GPL or if that doesn't suit your situation there's an inexpensive (£129) commercial license available.

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How do I fill the property data in various arrays in the RGraph Line chart?

Posted by fernando zuluaga at 17:36 on Saturday 6th February 2021 [link]
data: [ [5,2,3], ['4,2,3'] ],
how i can fill this var ??? nuevo_array.push dont works
string dont works

How, please???

Good day for all.

Posted by Richard at 18:44 on Saturday 6th February 2021 [link]
Do you want to add values to your chart? If so, you can do that like this:

nuevo_array = [[5,2,3], [4,2,3]];

value1 = 6;
value2 = 3;


And you can use the data array like this (on a Line chart):

line = new RGraph.Line({
    id: 'cvs',
    data: nuevo_array,
    options: {

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