How do I move the caption in the canvas Pie chart?

Posted by ZP at 16:55 on Friday 19th February 2021 [link]
Is there an option to move caption in the pie canvas ?
Great job !

Posted by Richard at 11:11 on Saturday 20th February 2021 [link]
Are you referring to the labelsCenter option?

If so you can move it like this (add this code after you create the chart):

node = document.getElementsByClassName('rgraph_accessible_text_labels_center')[0]; = parseInt( + 50 + 'px'; = parseInt( + 50 + 'px';

Which is a bit long-winded - so as of the next version there will be two new options that make it a lot easier:

labelsCenter: 'Results!',
labelsCenterOffsetx: 50,
labelsCenterOffsety: 50,

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