How do I update xaxisLabels of a drawing API X-axis object?

Posted by Othmar at 20:25 on Thursday 6th May 2021 [link]

How i can update xaxisLabels?
If i draw a Xaxis:
            line1xaxis = new RGraph.Drawing.XAxis({
                id: 'cvs-airgraph',
                y: line1.canvas.height - line1.marginBottom,
                options: {
                    xaxisLabels: ['test1','test2','test2'],
                    colors: ['#666']

Later i update the xaxis after a Ajax call....
            line1xaxis.xaxisLabels = ['new1','new2','new2'];

But the axis are not changeed. How is the correct method to change the xaxis Labels?
Best Regards Othmar

Posted by Richard at 21:06 on Thursday 6th May 2021 [link]
When you update the X axis do it like this:

line1xaxis.set('xaxisLabels', ['new1','new2','new2']);


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