RGraph is a JavaScript charts library based on HTML5 SVG and canvas. RGraph is mature (over 15 years old) and has a wealth of features making it an ideal choice to show charts on your website.

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Get the latest version of RGraph (version 6.17) from the download page. There's also older versions available, minified files and links to cdnjs.com hosted libraries.

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RGraph can be used for free under the GPL or if that doesn't suit your situation there's an inexpensive (£99) commercial license available.

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Is there a maximum width setting for the Bar chart?

Posted by Roberto at 14:33 on Thursday 22nd April 2021 [link]
I would like to ask you something else, when drawing the graphs the bars adapt to the size of the x-axis of the graph. So if for example I have 5 data the bars are very large, if I have 20 data the bars are very fine. How can I give a maximum size to the bar so that even if I have little data it does not become too big? A fixed size would also work if possible.

Posted by Richard at 16:35 on Thursday 22nd April 2021 [link]
There's no "maximum width" setting for the bars but there is a marginInner setting which indirectly does what you want - if you give a larger marginInner setting the bars on the Bar chart will be thinner.

So you could do this:

data = [4,8,6,5,3,5,8];
numbars = data.length;

if (numbars > 20) {
    myMargin = 5;
} else if (numbars > 15) {
    myMargin = 10;
} else if (numbars > 10) {
    myMargin = 20;
} else {
    myMargin = 25;

And then in your chart configuration:

marginInner: myMargin,


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