How do I give different colors to the Bar chart?

Posted by Mohamed at 15:20 on Friday 1st October 2021 [link]
Hello RGraph team,
my question is simple, how can I set different colors to the bar graph, in the way that each balk should have its owne color.
The idea is to markup special bars (in an interval from index x to y) with a different color,
as an example let say will be needed 10 bars where the balks from 4 to 8 should be green and the rest white: [white,white,white,green,green,green,green,green,white,white]
is this possible with the actual rgraph API?(I don't see a way to reach that)
Thank you in advance
kind regards

Posted by Richard at 15:56 on Friday 1st October 2021 [link]
You can do this by specifying the colorsSequential option. That way the colors are used as you give them in the colors: option. There's an SVG demo in the archive that shows this option:


The canvas version is just the same however.

If you want to specify one color for each bar on your chart, you can do that. This way, you can give each bar a different color if you want.

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