The Semi-circular Progress property scaleUnitsPost is not used

Posted by Joachim at 14:54 on Tuesday 30th May 2023 [link]
I found that property "scaleUnitsPost" has no effect when defined for "SemiCircularProgress" type charts. I had to specify "labelsCenterUnitsPost", "labelsMaxUnitsPost" and "labelsMinUnitsPost" instead. Can you check this?

Posted by Richard at 18:11 on Tuesday 30th May 2023 [link]
The scaleUnitsPost property is for the scale, which is not shown by default. Here's an example of it being used on a chart that's showing the scale:

Posted by Joachim at 13:22 on Wednesday 31st May 2023 [link]

OK! But then you should update your doc, as you state eg. for "labelsMaxUnitsPost": "If left as null this falls back to the scaleUnitsPost property".

Posted by Richard at 15:54 on Wednesday 31st May 2023 [link]
Cheers - I'll look into that!

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