[RGRAPH SUPPORT] Welcome to the new RGraph forum

Welcome to the new RGraph forum

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Posted by Richard on 20:49 27th November 2020
RGraph now has a forum (again) for you to use and post all of your RGraph support woes.

This forum is completely new compared to the last - a whole new forum. Functionality-wise though it's very similar to the old forum - hopefully that's a good thing! And if you don't agree - well - you're wrong.

Messages are all moderated so don't use any naughty language or post any dodgy links - your message will just be deleted!

Posted by Maurice on 13:25 30th November 2020
Hi Richard,

Thank you for all the hard work and perfect product!

Kind regards from Belgium


Posted by Richard on 15:05 30th November 2020
Hi Maurice,

Thanks for the kind words!


Posted by Santhosh on 09:16 1st December 2020
Hi Richard
Rgraph is a perfect and well coded library for all chart/graph needs.
Thanks alot.

Yours sincerely
Santhosh K.

Posted by Richard on 09:38 1st December 2020
Hi Santhosh,

Thank you very much!


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