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Summary: If you're having trouble or have an issue with RGraph that you can't solve or are unsure of then use this form to submit a support request and I'll get back to you by email.

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Don't forget you can also use Twitter or Facebook to contact me if you prefer!


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If you're having a problem with RGraph that you think is more general or would benefit from multiple pairs of eyes you can post your question or problem to the website.

Remember to use the rgraph tag on your question, which I watch, and I'll then see it and try and help you out.

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If you want to send your query via Twitter or Facebook you can do so on the RGraph Facebook or Twitter profiles.

Remember though - Twitter has a character limit so longer questions may be more suited to email (ie this form) or Facebook.

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You can connect with me on Twitter by going to the RGraph Twitter profile . Posts on Twitter sometimes point to larger articles on the Facebook page or the RGraph blog.