About Richard Heyes (the author) and RGraph


About the RGraph software

RGraph is a modern JavaScript based charts and graphs library for modern websites. With the number of different types of chart having grown to 40-50 using both HTML5 canvas and SVG RGraph has a wide appeal and can represent many types of data quickly and efficiently. RGraph is free to use and uses the MIT license.

RGraph is suitable for all websites with charts being rendered using JavaScript, HTML5 canvas and HTML5 SVG. The size of the JavaScript files and the code to make a chart is small and can be further reduced with minification and compression and so offers significant speed boosts to a website.


About Richard Heyes (the author)

An avid snow-boarder and extreme sports enthusiast I've been in the technology sector in the United Kingdom for over 21 years, and in the web development sector specifically for 17 of those.

Starting in a telephone technical support role for consumer desktops for a well known UK high street brand I then moved into a firm doing dedicated desktop support. Both jobs were not exactly... ideal! (Though that might be because I wasn't particularly good at them...)

But from there I was able to start web based programming, using the emerging PHP, and go onwards and upwards, working for firms in the south of England near London, including one of largest film rental firms in the country and an investment tracking and reporting firm that was headed by a well known investor.

Throughout this period I was able to work on various pieces of Open Source software which were distributed via my phpguru.org website.

The technical expertise that has resulted from working on these high traffic websites and Open Source projects lends itself well to producing high quality software with great performance and is easily usable.

Unfortunately all of this came to an abrupt halt some time ago when I suffered 5 pretty bad strokes which left me with significantly reduced vision, mobility (after taking 4-5 years to learn to walk and talk again!) and coordination. But handily that lends itself well to sitting in front of a computer, cursing at the monitor!


Contact information and support

If you have a support question you can send a message to the RGraph support team using the support forum.

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