Version 4.63 of RGraph is now available

Written by Richard Heyes, on 27th August 2017

The time has finally come!

Yes, finally, I've added version 4.63 to the website so you can download it from the download page ( if you want to.

Since the gap between this and version 4.62 has been approximately 3 months there's a little bit more in this release than there previously has been and the full list of changes is on the changelog page if you want to read it (

And because the gap has been so long there may well be things that I've overlooked or forgotten to check so if you find anything - please let me know.

Worthy of note though, I think, is the fact that I've used the Xenu Link Sleuth tool ( to try to find as many broken links on the site as I can and clean them (and there were a lot!).

So maybe Google now will see my site as higher quality and move me up the rankings... Or perhaps I'm just destined to rot at the bottom of page 2 for ever. Hopefully it's the former though!