Version 4.68 of RGraph is now available

Written by Richard Heyes, on 26th October 2018

A new version of RGraph has been released

Well I've finally got through my TODO list so I've released a new version of RGraph - version 4.68. Woo! You can see all of the changes that went into this release by looking through the changelog ( ).

Some of the changes in this release include:

  • Curved sticks for the Pie chart (which, I might add, are very sexy!)
  • The gradient syntax has been extended with a JSON syntax alternative which allows you a little bit of extra control over the gradient
  • Some defaults have been changed for the Rose and RScatter charts
  • The SVG Rose chart has two new effects (grow and roundRobin )
  • The Gantt chart method of configuration has been changed to an object (ie with textual indexes). This should make it easier to read and write - though if you choose to upgrade you'll need to update to the new syntax.
  • The canvas Line chart has a new animationTraceCenter effect. There's an example in the download archive of the new effect that demonstrates it.
  • The CSV reader and the Google Sheets connector have been made to work standalone - ie without the RGraph.common.core.js file. This means that can use them in your own code if you wish to (and not have to include the RGraph.common.core.js file in your page.

Looking towards the next version I'll be looking to devise a way to bring some order to the canvas property names. So they look more like the way the SVG properties do.

Eg backgroundGridAutofitNumhlines would become backgroundGridHlinesCount. Some of the property names really need this.