Version 5.00 of RGraph is now available

Written by Richard Heyes, on 20th January 2019

Version 5 of RGraph is now available to download. You can get it from the download page:

Obviously, this is a major upgrade so you should definitely read the changelog.

The main changes with this release include the improvement of property names for all chart types (for example gutterLeft has been changed to marginLeft) and the implementation of new text configuration properties (ie font/size/color/bold/italic for all bits of text).

So if you choose to upgrade you will definitely have to consult the api documentation for your chart type(s) to determine the correct property names you need to use from now on.

On a separate note - I've removed the demos from the website so they're now just available in the download. Meaning that the website is down to just 375ish pages - about 355 of which are indexed.

This led to a stint at position 15 on Google. However yesterday, mid-morning, it dropped 5 places immediately down to 20. And now it's 24 (ie on page 3).

So it's clear (to me) that some sort of penalty is in place. What else would cause a 5 place drop like that? I just don't know what the penalty is or why I have it.