Version 5.02 of RGraph is now available

Written by Richard Heyes, on 1st August 2019

Today I've released a new version of RGraph - version 5.02. This is a minor release with no massive or really significant changes. Here's a list of the more significant changes - for the full list then you can visit the changelog.

  • Improvements to the canvas RGraph.path function (formerly RGraph.path2) arguments handling.
  • Improvements to the canvas and svg String.format functions that RGraph adds to the native String object.
  • The Pie chart Horseshoe Meter example has been converted to its own class. So making one looks like this now:
    new RGraph.Horseshoe({
        id: 'cvs',
        min: 0,
        max: 100,
        value: 67,
        options: {
  • The RGraph.text function (formerly the RGraph.text2 function) now takes just a single argument - so it looks like this:
        object: bar,
        x: 50,
        y: 50,
        text: 'Some custom text'
  • Some demos didn't work correctly offline - this has been resolved.
  • You read the full list of changes over on the RGraph changelog and download the release on the download page.