All charts on the RGraph website have been switched to canvas-based text

Written by Richard Heyes, on 5th June 2022

Perhaps you're aware of the RGraph websites' utterly dire performance on Google. Just google javascript charts and you will see. If you're in the UK the site may be on page 3 or 4 and if you're elsewhere in the world then you'll probably see it even lower.

This has been a constant cause of pain for me over the past ten (!) years. I'm frequently doing various things to try and increase the ranking - nothing ever works.

My latest attempt has been to switch all of the charts on the website from using accessible text to using canvas text. The default hasn't changed, however, so if you use RGraph your charts will be unaffected and your site is also unlikely to be affected this. This website however has many, many pages which show charts(100-200) so the setting might well be having an effect.

It will take time for everything to be re-indexed and maybe even more time for the relevant Google algorithm to run and reassess the website so this change will take time to have an effect - if it has one at all!