New demo talk-through on YouTube

Written by Richard Heyes, on 16th November 2023

Well, would you look at this - it's the first (and possibly the last!) video walk-through of an RGraph demo. In this instance the demos/bar-basic.html demo from the download archive so there's not a great deal to the video - it just talks through the various bits of code that are needed to implement the chart (ie the library files, the canvas tag and the chart code.

Depending on how well this video is received then there may be more to come. On the other hand if people start throwing rotten fruit at me in the street (not that I venture outside much) then I might not be quite so enthused to create more "talkies". Feel free to add comments on the video over at YouTube and let me know how you think I come across in the video (is it obvious that I'm reading a script...?!).