New style of Semi-circular Progress meter

Written by Richard Heyes, on 12th March 2023

New style of RGraph Semi-circular Progress

Here's a funky (?) new style for the Semi-circular Progress meter. The only real difference is that the ends are rounded instead of being straight. Not a huge difference I'll grant you but that, along with the colors shown here and some extra text (added using the text property), makes for a significantly different aesthetic to the basic Semi-circular Progress..

This update to the chart will be available in version 6.12 (or whenever I get around to committing it to GitHub!). When I've committed the updated code it to GitHub you'll be able to download it here . Click on the Raw button to see the file by itself.

Incidentally - the text property is already a part of the RGraph canvas libraries so you can use that already if you want to add text to your charts.