Release notes for 2019

The release notes and information regarding upgrades that you should read for the 2019 releases. You should read this when you're upgrading from an older version of RGraph to a newer one in case something that affects you has changed.

December 2019 (v5.2)

This release has many changes to the internals of RGraph - particularly the shape objects that each chart types getShape() function returns. So if you upgrade and you use this function you should definitely test your charts before you commit to the new version.

October 2019 (v5.11)

September 2019 (v5.1)

Lots of changes in this release that break backwards-compatibility. A lot of code that supported older methods and styles has been removed. If you use the current configuration style though (ie JSON) you likely won't notice anything. That's the theory at least. All of the demos have been converted to dynamic source code rendering - meaning that the source code that you see is generated from the source code that's used to create the chart - this should raise the accuracy of the demo pages.

August 2019 (v5.02)

May 2019 (v5.01)

January 2019 (v5.00)

You can download RGraph here