Version 5.25 of RGraph is now available

Written by Richard Heyes, on 22nd August 2020

After nearly 3 whole months (!) a new version (5.25) of RGraph is now available. This version introduces changes to tooltips. It changes both the default appearance to white on black, adds static positioning (so no matter where you click on a shape the tooltip always appears in the same place) and adds a little pointer that points to the shape that was clicked on. If the tooltips extend off the left or right of the screen they'll be shifted left or right to try and avoid this. You can see an example of the new tooltips style on this demo page.

The date/time library Moment.js is now included with RGraph. This library allows for far greater manipulation of dates and times than the RGraph.parseDate api function. You can read about the Moment.js library and its documentation on its website:

There's now a new macro for tooltips: %{table} which allows you to easily show a table of data in your tooltips. To configure the table there are two new properties: tooltipsFormattedTableHeaders and tooltipsFormattedTableData and you can configure how the table looks by using css in your pages. There are demos of the new table macro in the download archive.

The full changelog is here: The RGraph changelog and you can get the latest zip file on the download page: