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Website pages

These are miscellaneous website pages.

SVG charts

Installation and setup pages

These are the installation and setup documentation pages for RGraph. They're pertinent to both SVG and canvas chart types

Charts pages

These are the SVG chart types that can be made with RGraph.

Other SVG documentation pages

Other SVG documentation pages.

Canvas charts

Example pages

The example pages show you examples of the charts that RGraph supports.

Charts pages

These are the base types of charts that can be made with RGraph. Many more variants of these types are possible.

HOWTO guides for common tasks

The HOWTO guides take you through implementing common tasks and give you example tasks.

Drawing API documentation

The reference for the drawing API libraries.

Other documentation pages

The docs pages hold implementation information, the API references for the RGraph libraries and feature information.

Canvas reference pages

The canvas reference details the standard canvas API so this may help you shape your charts into how you want them to look and operate.


Blog pages

The RGraph blog has information on new and existing RGraph and HTML5 canvas features.